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My Cocker Spaniel Ronin and I had a nice practice session in the backyard today
Ronin at Sit-Stay
Ronin at Sit-Stay

Ronin doing Go-Out for Directed Jumping
Ronin doing Go-Out for Directed Jumping exercise

Ronin at sit, waiting command in Directed Jumping
Ronin at Sit awaiting command during Directed Jumping

Ronin at Sit
Ronin still at Sit. We don't want him coming in immediately after going out.

Ronin takes High Jump
Ronin takes the High Jump

Ronin on the "home stretch"
Ronin returning after the High Jump in Directed Jumping practice.

Ronin in Front position
Ronin in Front Position. This was fun.
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Beanie at practice. She's on a Down-Stay because she'd be out there doing the exercises in competition with Ronin. She remembers every exercise though it has been over two years since she got her UDX Title and nearly as long since she has been entered in competition. Beanie will be 13 next month.
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Ronin practices the drop on recall to man with camera.
Wait. Wait.

Come. Come.

Drop. Drop.

Front. Front.

I love you, Ronin!
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We went to see the veterinarian this morning. Dr. Mulnix spent nearly an hour examining Ronin, took X-Rays, watched Ronin walk, run, jump. He found nothing permanently wrong. By the way, Ronin's hip joints are beautiful!  His stifles (knees) look really good, the patellas are all lined up. Everything is in the proper places and looks fine.  Conclusion: no problem to keep going. No reason not to train.  We should be able to go to Rapid City, South Dakota next week.

Apparently Ronin did hurt himself, but it wasn't serious. He seems to be healing. He has some Ritalin (NSAID) to ease any pain. 

So today we went to the park and had a good practice. We lowered the jumps a bit and he seemed fine doing all the exercises for Open B and Utility B classes.  He got to meet a new puppy in the park as well as watch squirrels while practicing stays. 

Yay, Ronin!
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Some of Dr. Gail Clark's clients got together today for a fun time. We set up a small ring and gave ourselves a practice obedience match at a Fort Collins park.  Beanie came along to watch and have some fun in the park. Ronin watched Jon be the acting Open Judge and by the time he got to try, he was really gung-ho. 

Некоторые клиенты доктор Гейл Кларк собрались сегодня для веселья время. Мы создали малое кольцо и имела соответствуют практике послушание в парке Форт Коллинз. Beanie пришли вместе смотреть и повеселиться в парк. Ронин смотрел Джон. Джон исполнял обязанности судьи. Когда он попытался Ронин очень хотелось.

Here are some pictures of the dogs doing stays:
Вот некоторые фотографии из собак делают спецпредложений:

Ronin is the blur fourth from the left. Ронин является размытость четвертый слева.

Wow, look at 'em sit! Wow, смотреть на них сидеть!

Ronin is fourth blob from the right. Beanie is in brown crate next to the tree on the left of picture.  Dr. Gail Clark is by the car with the rear lifted up (the car's rear lifted up). 
Ронин является четвертым BLOB от правых. Beanie в коричневом ящике рядом с деревом в левой части картины. Доктор Гейл Кларк, у автомобиля с задним подняли
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I practiced at City Park with Ronin for his obedience trials this week. He has trials Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! All at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley. He is really steady in practice. I hope he doesn't get too interested in the other dogs when we are in the ring. Real Distraction is much more interesting than Fake Distraction.

Я практиковал в городском парке с Ronin (за послушание испытания на этой неделе). Он испытаний четверг, пятницу, субботу и воскресенье! Все на острове гроув региональный парк в Greeley. Он очень устойчивый на практике. Я надеюсь, что он не слишком заинтересованы в других собак, когда мы находимся в кольце. Real дистракционного гораздо интереснее, чем Факе дистракции.


Jun. 25th, 2009 11:47 pm
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Practice, Ronin and I need to practice just to maintain a basic level. We both forget the details.

And, goodness, there are squirrels and birds to see in the park, and people and other doggies--enough distraction to work with for anyone.

Uhh, "sit?" Wait there is Troglodyte baseball-playing gerbil-spawn--Oh, What?

I try hard to remember how to get Ronin to come in for a proper close-in, straight front. Keep it consistent, work at it. Reward for good. No reward for bad. How hard can that be? I need training more than Ronin, which is the usual problem, for sure.

There will be a dearth of Obedience Trials soon, then come August there will be very many. We need to hone in to perfection, we need to do more than simply maintain. Ronin can excel, it is up to me.
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Beanie after a hard run through Open B and Utility B (couple years ago):

Beanie practicing scent discrimination exercise (couple years ago):

Beanie going over thea bar jump practicing directed jumping (couple years ago):

Beanie doing a really long down stay (couple years ago):

All that practice paid off! Beanie gets Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes in Trial, Highest Combined Score in Utility B and Open B, and two First Place ribbons, and (most important of all: two Qualifying Ribbons and another leg to her UDX which she got in August 2008


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