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<< Ronin is proud of his UD Title.

Ronin today in Utility A at Mountains States Dog Training Club Obedience Trial: qualified, got FIRST PLACE, got THIRD LEG, and WON HIS UTILITY DOG (UD) TITLE!

That little guy is really amazing. And he was so happy, during the prize presentations he started jumping straight up with a wild smile on his face.

Pictures coming, soon as I can scan them.

Go, Boy, Go Ronin, GO!
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<< Ronin dancing for his trophy!

Wow, what a pooch! Ronin's practice is paying off. Today Ronin took First Place in Utility A at the Mountain States Dog Training Club 119th Obedience Trial. He was wonderful. He was so confident and attentive. Good close heeling. He remembered "Sit" on the signals. He worked the pile carefully and got both metal and leather articles in Scent Discrimination. We got Glove 1 in Directed Retrieve and he turned and sat in line with the glove, did an fast retrieve and good front/finish. No problem on Moving Stand for Exam (ok, a half-step too much). And Ronin remembered that there was another end to the ring on go-outs for the Directed Jumps. Took both the bar and high jumps and did good fronts/finishes. Wow!

This means he got second leg on his UD Title. One more to go.
<< Ronin inspects his trophy and ribbons.

And then he went on to qualify in Open B, enjoying every minute of it.

Well, it is a new day tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.
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We had an interesting time at Terry All Obedience Trials at Adams County Regional Park near Brighton, Colorado last weekend.

Ronin was entered in Utility A both days.

Saturday we had a problem during heeling part of the Signals Exercise: like a novice he was. As we neared the gate before an about turn Ronin decided to check out the spectators (wag, wag). I had to give a verbal (NQ) and he responded, jumping around and running to catch up, passing me as judge said "Stand your dog" so I had to lunge to get the hand signal in front of him (major points). I left to the other end of the ring and gave the Sit command. Good. Someone breathes in the quiet room and he spooks, scooting forward a yard (NQ). Then on the Directed Retrieve I forgot the command. Hmmm, "Numberrr ONE" I said (instead of "Take One"). Ronin moves out between glove one and glove two, turns stops, and gives me a look, "WHAT?" (NQ). Other than that we did good. I say "Close."

Sunday we had practiced with the gloves a bit, so we got that done. Directed Jumps still good. Moving Stand for Exam Good. Signals, good heeling, good stop, good wait. Good down. "What was that one, Jon? Did we ever do that one, Jon?" (Yes, that was the SIT, Ronin). Second command ok (NQ). Recall OK, front OK, finish OK--but NQ! Then on the Scent Discrimination first article was metal. After a sit. Run out and grab any article (leather) and run back (NQ). Second article, OK. Sigh. Judge says "Close."

Today we worked on all those problems and did some Open exercises anticipating his moving on to UDX soon (eternal optimism).


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