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My 15 1/2 year-old Cocker Spaniel Beanie has passed away. She was a sweet old girl whose life had been full and loving. Along the way she managed to earn her Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) title in AKC Obedience and Rally Advanced (RA) in AKC Rally. I miss her greatly.

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The results of last week's tests have come back. The indication is that Beanie has Cushing's disease. This is a condition where the adrenal glands secrete too much cortisols. From I see:

Cushing's disease is probably more accurately referred to as hyperadrenocorticism -- the production of too much adrenal hormone, in particular corticosteroids...

Hyperadrenocorticism occurs for two reasons --- a tumor of the adrenal gland that produces adrenal hormones or stimulation of the normal adrenal glands from the hormones that control it. The primary reason for this to occur is a pituitary gland tumor that produces excessive ACTH, which stimulates the adrenal gland to produce corticosteroids. Adrenal gland tumors account for 15% of the cases of spontaneous hyperadrenocorticism. Pituitary tumors account for 85%.

Cushing's disease causes increased drinking, increased urination, increased appetite, panting, high blood pressure, hair loss - usually evenly distributed on both sides of the body, pendulous abdomen, thinning of the skin, calcified lumps in the skin, susceptibility to skin infections and diabetes, weakening of the heart and skeletal muscles, nervous system disease and other symptoms.

We will begin treatment with trilostane. Trilostane inhibits the production of cortisols, and this will require some time of adjustment to get the proper dosage. I think this involves multiple ACTH stim tests.  This med is not inexpensive. This is going to take some adjustments in our life style. (May as well kiss that second Learjet goodbye ;^).
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I received an e-mail from the American Spaniel Club wanting details about Ronin. Is seems that Ronin is in the list of the top 5 Cocker Spaniels for 2009 so they are  requesting information and a photo to put in the annual Top Dog catalog.  This is distributed at the National Specialty which is in Richmond, Virginia, this year.  The specialty is in the second week of July and it would be a wonderful trip to attend, compete, and attend the "Cocker Cotillion" awards dinner in the ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Richmond West where they will possibly mention Ronin. Well, that is a big trip and would cost some serious money for gas, but it would really be fun to do. I missed the National Specialty a few years ago in Perry, Georgia, when Beanie was in the list of Top Dogs and I've regretted not going since then. We're not getting any younger, so if not now, when?

We are set to attend the next three dog shows within 400 miles of home, so it would be nice to pick up another UDX Leg.  Ronin can certainly do it, I just need to keep my head and do the things I've practiced. It's a pity when the dog is trained better than the handler.

The bad news is that Beanie has been loosing weight and not eating consistently well. I set an appointment for her to have her teeth cleaned on March 1st and they did a blood panel in anticipation of that. She had a high white blood cell count, so the vet put her on Clavimox for a week before to a week after the dental appointment to make sure things would be OK.  It turned out she had no tooth problems, they cleaned up nicely. Her ears are great (not infected) and she has occasional gook in her eyes, but I keep that cleared up with ointment. After the antibiotic treatment they did another blood panel to see if that clobbered the potential infection. But instead the white blood cell count had gone up, a lot. So today I took her in with a urine sample to run through the lab. She's not been running any fever and shows no other symptoms except the white blood cell count and a little high in Globulin--other hepatic signs normal. But she's developed a pot belly and still losing weight. So they did a couple of x-rays. Her liver is huge. Everything else is normal except the kidneys didn't show up well and her spleen is out of position clear at the bottom of her tummy instead of being tucked away where it should along the back.  The enlarged liver does not look good.  So the vet is trying to set up an appointment to have an ultrasound done tomorrow.  This will let us know what is going on, maybe.  There is a probability this is cancer.  I'm praying for the best, but am prepared for the worst.

Tonight the dogs are getting one of their favorites: ox tail bones. These are really meaty and are all edible, except for the largest bones, which are really fun to chew on for a few days.  I think I have some venison left which they'll get for breakfast tomorrow.  For me, peanut butter sandwich tonight and the last of this month's cereal for breakfast (that went too fast).  Time to make soup.
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Beanie at practice. She's on a Down-Stay because she'd be out there doing the exercises in competition with Ronin. She remembers every exercise though it has been over two years since she got her UDX Title and nearly as long since she has been entered in competition. Beanie will be 13 next month.
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Beanie, my 11 year old female Cocker Spaniel, ruptured her cruciate ligament. We took some time to see if it would self-heal on recommendation of vet. Didn't self-heal so I had her in surgery last Monday (6 July). Then the fun part with massage, Range-Of-Motion exercises, cold packs, keeping her calm and off the leg, using first e-collar then Bite-Not collar to keep her from messing with the wound. Helping her around the house and in the yard on lead (no running). Whew! Then I was getting ready to load up Friday to go to Eagle for the Roaring Fork Kennel Club Dog Shows and Obedience Trials and Beanie was hobbling around with her knee (stifle) popping just as it was before the surgery. I called the vet and was told to bring her in Monday (13th) for them to check it out. Poor girl. The pain isn't too awful what with a synthetic opiate and a hefty NSAID. In fact, I worry she might think it is OK to run/jump/romp, but alas she hobbles and considers any movement. No jumping in mind at all.

Needless to say, we didn't go to Eagle. With her in that condition, I just couldn't handle it. Both dogs had an oxtail bone on Saturday. What a treat!

I was all pumped up for the trials. I felt I had confidence and self-control and Ronin was looking strong in practice (and still having fun). So I lost 4 entry fees and one night non-refundable fee at the motel in Edwards. Next trials are in mid-August.

Beanie (Бини) моя 11 летняя женщина кокер спаниель, разбили связки на ноге. Мы ожидали увидеть если она исцелилась. Он не исцелил, так что мне пришлось ей в хирургии в прошлый понедельник (6 июля). Далее самое интересное с массажем, диапазон движения упражнения, холодные компрессы, поддержанию ее спокойной и за ноги, с помощью первой электронной воротник затем "Bite-Not воротничков" (не кусать воротник) сохранить ее от ран. Я помогал ей по дому и во дворе на поводке (не запускать!). Вот так! Тогда я был готов к нагрузке вверх пятницу с поездками на орла на ревущие вилка клуб питомник собак свидетельствует и послушания испытаний. Beanie был хромал. Ее ноги сделали шум, как это было до операции. Я назвал ветеринару и сказал: "Принесите ее в понедельник". Бедные девочки. Боль не слишком ужасно с синтетическими опиатами и дюжий NSAID. В самом деле, я волнуйтесь она может подумать, это хорошо, бежать, прыгать, сорванец, - но увы она limps и избежать каких-либо движение. Нет прыжков в виду вовсе.

Мы не пошли на Орел. С ее в таком состоянии, я просто не мог обрабатывать его. Обе собаки съели один бычьих хвостов кость в субботу. Что лечить!

Мне было все закачивается для судебных разбирательств. Я чувствовал, я имел доверие и самоконтроль и Ronin искал сильны в практике (и до сих пор с удовольствием). Так я потеряла 4 вступления сборов и одну ночь не возвращается плата в мотеле в Эдвардс (близ Вейля). Следующее испытание в середине августа.
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Beanie after a hard run through Open B and Utility B (couple years ago):

Beanie practicing scent discrimination exercise (couple years ago):

Beanie going over thea bar jump practicing directed jumping (couple years ago):

Beanie doing a really long down stay (couple years ago):

All that practice paid off! Beanie gets Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes in Trial, Highest Combined Score in Utility B and Open B, and two First Place ribbons, and (most important of all: two Qualifying Ribbons and another leg to her UDX which she got in August 2008


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