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Ronin won his Fourth Leg towards the Ten needed for his Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) Title at the Rapid City Kennel Club Dog Show and Obedience Trials in Rapid City, South Dakota. Sunday, 18 October, 2009 Ronin took Second Place in Open B and Fourth Place in Utility B and won that 4th leg. It was a tough week for dogs at the Rapid City show. The venue was really nice, the conditions better than most, the judging was great, but that was a human perspective. The dogs seemed to find the trials difficult. Was it too quiet? Too isolated? Too nice? Who knows?

Ronin had a not-so-nice second day, NQ in both Open and Utility. He sort of stared at some commands. The third day he was awake and qualified in Open but couldn't jump again in Utility. Finally he got it together on the fourth day to make the placements mentioned above.

Things we re-learned: Ronin likes slower, clear, calm, and deeper commands. Ronin likes to "exercise" (poop) a lot so we take a few breaks outside. Ronin likes to rest between classes of competition. Ronin needs to be awakened and aware before he goes in the ring. Ronin needs to know there is another side of the ring before he goes out on the directed jumping ;-) . Ronin likes warm-ups before going in the ring. Ronin loves being in the ring. Ronin is cute in the ring.

New things we learned: Photographers making kitten sounds in the next ring are really interesting and it pays to get Ronin's attention back before starting the Drop On Recall. Don't believe the GPS if it selects the "Quickest Route" back home -- check it out first or go the regular way you're used to.

Later, with some pictures:

Scratch That Itch
Scratch that itch
Ronin takes time between Directed Jumps to scratch an itch.

Front Position
Ronin in Front Position
Ronin in Front Position after a successful Directed Jump.

Scoot Into Heel Position
Scooting into Heel position
Ronin scoots into Heel Position to finish a Directed Jump.

Part of the travel group:

Shown here at The Needles in the Black Hills, South Dakota. In this photo: Jennifer Methlie, Gail Clark, Nancy McNair, Ann Chinnock, Karen Nutter, Deborah Badillo.
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Ronin took 3rd Place in Open B in obedience at Rapid City show. He looked very good. Fun times.
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We went to see the veterinarian this morning. Dr. Mulnix spent nearly an hour examining Ronin, took X-Rays, watched Ronin walk, run, jump. He found nothing permanently wrong. By the way, Ronin's hip joints are beautiful!  His stifles (knees) look really good, the patellas are all lined up. Everything is in the proper places and looks fine.  Conclusion: no problem to keep going. No reason not to train.  We should be able to go to Rapid City, South Dakota next week.

Apparently Ronin did hurt himself, but it wasn't serious. He seems to be healing. He has some Ritalin (NSAID) to ease any pain. 

So today we went to the park and had a good practice. We lowered the jumps a bit and he seemed fine doing all the exercises for Open B and Utility B classes.  He got to meet a new puppy in the park as well as watch squirrels while practicing stays. 

Yay, Ronin!
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Ronin is hurting. He yelps when he pushes off jumping or running. We were at Pikes Peak Obedience Club trials (three days) in the Black Forest east of Colorado Springs this weekend.  The first day (Friday) Ronin didn't take any jumps and stumbled on the broad jump. That evening he yelped attempting to jump onto the motel bed. I pulled him from the competition on Saturday and we didn't even go on Sunday, we just came home. He is not limping, it seems to hurt when he pushes off. We're off to the veterinarian tomorrow to see what's up.

We're scheduled for a 4 day Dog Show and Obedience Trial in Rapid City, South Dakota in a couple of weeks.  I'm hoping he'll be back in shape by then.
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Ronin had a wonderful time in Grand Junction. He got his 3rd UDX leg at the Grand Valley Kennel Club Dog Show and Obedience Trials. We spent the rest of the day at Colorado National Monument. Pictures from my cell phone.

<<== Looking back toward the Colorado River

<<==Ronin and Beanie in Colorado National Monument

<<== Big Rocks

<<== This is Ephedra, also known as Mormon Tea. It contains "Ephedrine" which is the natural form of "Pseudo-ephedrine" or "Sudafed" and can be used in making a common illegal drug. The folks who drink tea of this plant don't need caffeine as tea made from this makes them really speedy.

<<== Whew. Some of our dogs taking a breather with Susan. Ronin and Beanie (Cockers) in foreground. Portuguese Water dogs and a Golden Retriever.

<<== Beanie and Ronin again.

<<== Kirsten and Beanie and Ronin. Kirsten is sneaking up on a lizard on the rock behind the dogs.

<<== Ronin and Beanie.

<<== Ronin and Beanie

<<== Don't fall. Those green dots are large trees. Drop is several hundred feet.

<<== Pan to right of above.

<<== Pan further right to see Independence Mountain (that spike of rock) several hundred feet tall.

<<== Some large rock formation. Again we're looking down over 1000 feet.
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Well, Ronin got his Third UDX leg yesterday, but today we NQ'd first article on scent discrimination (NQ Utility) and NQ Drop on Recall (NQ Open). But it was a fun weekend, so it was worth it.  More later.

Time to go back over the Continental Divide and get back home.
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OK, Ronin, you little doggie! Ronin passed Utility B fine--not brilliantly, but good enough. I was having a hard time working smoothly. I wasn't awake enough (no coffee) and I'm suffering from dry eye.  Nevertheless Ronin was one of five dogs that qualified in a field of twelve.  Then he went through Open B like he should--he's got all that down pretty well. Then. He. Went. Down. On. A. Sit. Stay. AGAIN.  This time he was down before I had left the ring with the other exhibitors. ARG. 

We've really been working on the sit-stays, too.

He did this after a great practice in the park Thursday.  In the park there were two little kids watching us practice.  When I had Ronin on a sit-stay, I was 15 meters away behind a car.  The two kids wandered over and sat beside him and started petting him.  He sat during the entire experience although he would rather have wiggled free, shook his tail, and kissed the kids.  He was so good, he sat during the entire time until I returned and released him.

So today we got together again with some friends at a park and ran through all the exercises for Open and Utility.  And he did many long sit-stays. He did them alone. He did them with other dogs. He did them with people and dogs walking around him. He did them with other dogs doing down stays.  No Problem.

Tomorrow, we'll try again.
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Day two of Obedience Trials in Greeley at Evergreen Colorado Kennel Club dog show.  Ronin had it together! He took Third Place in Utility B. The practice sessions at the park yesterday helped. He remembered to do everything. Still no sit on the Directed Jumping, but he went out far enough (not great) and took the proper jumps. No problems on finding and bringing articles in Scent Discrimination. Signal Exercise was fine (not great). Still problems with fronts and finishes on nearly everything, but only points off.

Ronin then did really good in Open B ... Until the *last* exercise which was the Out-Of-Sight-Sit-Stay-For-Three-MinutesARGH!  Ronin broke my heart when he went down after only 1 minute.  Again he had sloppy fronts and finishes.  But then again his heeling patterns were good enough to evoke positive comments from the Judge.

The problem with fronts and finishes is that I got in the habit of cluing him during practice. When I don't (can't) give him a clue during the trial, he waits for help that never comes.  I need to train him all over to do fronts and finishes and keep at it until he does it all the time as a matter of course.  My fault.

We have a couple weeks to practice fronts, finishes, and Sit Stays. And, of course, everything else. 

I need to go buy both Ronin and Beanie some ox-tails. They love these bones that are large, meaty, lean, fully edible, high in calcium, a great gnaw, and overall fun time.
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Half way through two days of obedience trials at Evergreen Colorado Kennel Club dog show in Greeley, Colorado.  First day was weird, I think Ronin needed his coffee LOL. First exercise in both Utility and Open classes he just sat/stood there staring.

First exercise in Utility B was Scent Discrimination. He turned and went out to the pile of articles really nicely. Then he walked over them and stood, staring off into the distance, not even sniffing for the proper article. I had to give a second command and that flunked the day. He got both articles (no problem) once he woke up. His go-outs for the Directed Jumping were precisely as they were the last few times--short and no sit. He took the wrong jump.

First exercise in Open B was a simple Retrieval On The Flat (fetch a dumbbell). I *think* I clearly, loudly, succinctly said "Ronin, Take It!" but he just sat there staring at the dumbbell.  Again I had to give a second command and he did the exercise.  Then *again* he went down on the Out Of Site Sit Stay.  This is after working on it all week.

These "errors off the starting block" got me rattled, but by then we'd flunked so everything after that was "for practice" anyway.

I need to have him *awake* when we start. Maybe I need to bring a squirrel along for him to see just before we go in the ring.

Ronin Looked almost good otherwise. Judges complimented us on his heeling patterns. We took time afterward to meet friends at a park and do some run-through sessions.  We'll try again tomorrow.

P.S. Three of Dr. Gail Clark's students (and their owners) were invited to the (Eukanuba) National Obedience Invitational this year (including Ronin), so she must be doing something right! Today we learned that Gail and her Portuguese Water Dog Ship were also invited.
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Some of Dr. Gail Clark's clients got together today for a fun time. We set up a small ring and gave ourselves a practice obedience match at a Fort Collins park.  Beanie came along to watch and have some fun in the park. Ronin watched Jon be the acting Open Judge and by the time he got to try, he was really gung-ho. 

Некоторые клиенты доктор Гейл Кларк собрались сегодня для веселья время. Мы создали малое кольцо и имела соответствуют практике послушание в парке Форт Коллинз. Beanie пришли вместе смотреть и повеселиться в парк. Ронин смотрел Джон. Джон исполнял обязанности судьи. Когда он попытался Ронин очень хотелось.

Here are some pictures of the dogs doing stays:
Вот некоторые фотографии из собак делают спецпредложений:

Ronin is the blur fourth from the left. Ронин является размытость четвертый слева.

Wow, look at 'em sit! Wow, смотреть на них сидеть!

Ronin is fourth blob from the right. Beanie is in brown crate next to the tree on the left of picture.  Dr. Gail Clark is by the car with the rear lifted up (the car's rear lifted up). 
Ронин является четвертым BLOB от правых. Beanie в коричневом ящике рядом с деревом в левой части картины. Доктор Гейл Кларк, у автомобиля с задним подняли
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Cheyenne Kennel Club Obedience Trials, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Whew! That was a tough one getting to, that second UDX leg. Yesterday Ronin went over the wrong jump on the second jump (NQ in Utility B) and went down during a sit-stay (NQ in Open B).

Today, on the advice of our coach, instructor, mentor, and trainer Dr. Gail Clark we worked on being calmer. Also, since it was getting warm, I gave Ronin a splash of cold water on his belly to keep him comfortable and alert just before we went in for the stays.  Ronin took Third Place in Utility B, so we were halfway there until Open B started at 11:00. We practiced drop on recall a bit and tried to remember that a sit-stay lasts a really long time, Jon. We did fairly well in Open B and got a Q. Yay! Oh, and a truck went by during out-of-site stays in Open B and I guess Ronin gave it a "Bark!" of warning, so that was a point off. But he did it! That meant Ronin earned his second UDX leg.  I owe Gail a steak dinner.
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We are not going to the AKC National Obedience Invitational. It doesn't matter to Ronin, and it's not about me. I want to have a good fall obedience trial season, doing the best we can. I want us to enjoy it. 

There are at least two dogs ranked below Ronin in the Cocker Spaniel eligible list that I personally have seen at trials. Either one (Lucy or Honey Bear) would enjoy the chance, as would their owners.
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Ronin had the best heeling pattern ever in Open B today. And we fixed the stays, he did them correctly.  But no drop on recall. There was something interesting in the next ring: All the Open A dogs and handlers were lined up to do stays and all of them were looking at Ronin. So he didn't hear the first "drop" command. And in Utility B he took the wrong 1st jump again. Other than those 2 things he had a good day at the 2nd day of the Greeley Kennel Club Obedience Trials. No legs for the week.  Only 1 qualifying ribbon on Thursday in Utility B (4th Place).

We know what to fix.
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Saturday. OK, Ronin, you dork! ;^) He started to come back instead of sitting on "go-out" to first jump so I had to give a second "sit" command and that was a Non-Qualify for Utility (a.k.a. humility, a.k.a. futility). He was wonderful in Open but he was popping up and down at his own whim during both the sit-stay and the down-stay, so he NQ'd Open also. We fixed the "drop on recall" so I was grateful for his efforts today.

After flunking I was practicing sit-stays and down-stays with Ronin in an enclosed cabana (belonging to the Obedience Chairperson) beside the 4H building. I put him on a sit-stay and then volunteered to help pack up some other folks who were leaving to return to Utah. As I carried some equipment to their van, I saw Ronin had broken the stay and was investigating an empty dog crate. When I returned from the van, Ronin had popped back out of the crate and had returned to the sit-stay position and was innocently gazing about as if he hadn't moved! It cracked me up. I was later able to "catch" him moving out of position and surprised him with a "Hey, you-are-on-a-sit-stay!" (Ronin had an "Ooops" look, so I know it got to him). We did that some more with both sits and downs. Finally he was able to hold the stays for well beyond the required time.

Ronin got to watch a very cute Miniature Bull Terrier puppy (such as this) during his stays so it wasn't too awful for him.

Ronin also got to watch one of his breeder-brothers in the Conformation Ring. Except Ronin got bored and laid out on the floor with his butt to the ring. His breeder-brother did take a couple of good looks at Ronin as he went by--I hope this didn't detract too much. He was looking good, Andrea!
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Oh, Ronin! Friday at the AKC All-breed Obedience Trial of the Irish Setter Club of Colorado. Again Ronin did not drop on recall, went down on sit-stay so NQ in Open B, and went over wrong first jump so NQ in Utility B. Other than that ... ;^).

Lots of dogs and their people are converging on Island Grove Regional Park.  The Greeley Kennel Club has shows Saturday and Sunday.  There are about 3000 dogs entered in conformation, obedience, and rally. With them are their handlers, owners, families, and the local people who will come to watch. This will be a grand time.

The 4H building is HOT. There is an air conditioner, a swamp cooler, that needs to be cleaned out and new pads installed. It can't keep up with what is going on inside.  It is nice in the shade outside, so long as the weather holds. This is the monsoon season, and the Greeley show as often as not gets some really hard rains.  There really isn't room for all the obedience dogs and owners to be inside the 4H building waiting to compete. There is no room for crating and we can't heel our dogs at sit for hours on end in the hot, stuffy building anyway. An option is the Livestock building next door, which is crowded and gets several inches of water on the floor when it storms.  Other than that, it is a great venue (so long as the weather holds). 

We intend to have fun.  Where is my army poncho? (hmm. PUP tent)
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The American Belgian Tervuren Club had a Specialty Show today and with it held an all-breed Obedience Trial. AKC Judge Mrs. Linda Scanlon had 56 entries to judge--she was the only judge for all the regular classes. We didn't start until 12:00 (noon) so she was still going when we left after 6:00 p.m. The venue was at the Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, Colorado. Obedience was in the 4H building, as usual. Most of the time there was only one ring going, so there were no distractions, no dogs in other rings, no barking, no loud noises, really a quiet situation. Probably too quiet for most dogs--when there was something happening it drew the dogs attention away from the task at hand.

Ronin is after another UDX leg, which means he must qualify in both Utility B and Open B at the same trial. Utility B went fairly well for us (we qualified). Ronin's "go around" finishes were non-existent, he went part way around and stopped, staring off into the distance as if the rest of the world held too much of interest to come around and sit at heel. The "swing" finishes were OK. He did everything fairly well except his "go-outs" for the directed jumping. He went out straight, but slowed and was about to stop prior to my command. He didn't go out far enough, so he lost 6 points on each go-out. Plus 2 points off on each finish. gah! But he came in Fourth Place out of 14 entries (2 were absent so only 12 competed).

In Open B he should have done really well. He is solid there (right). He did NOT drop on recall--I had to give a second command so that gave us an NQ (Non-Qualify) for that and thus for Open B. Then he perked up and did very nicely, losing only 5 points for the other exercises. Until out-of-sight stays. He did the down stay first, no problem. Then on the sit stay he went down at 1:57. Some other dogs went down before, but a friend said Ronin didn't pay attention to them, he just went down on his own. GAH!

He's done go-outs, drop-on-recalls, out-of-sight stays solidly for weeks, with and without distraction. Some days, that's just the way it goes.

The fun part was there was a Belgian Terverun and handler who place high in both Utility B and Open B, finished her (the dog's) UDX Title, got First Place in Open B, and got High Combined Score! And this was at the Belgian Terverun Specialty! There weren't any catalogs available so I don't know who it was. I'll come back and edit this entry later when the results show up on the AKC website.

Lots of familiar dogs and handlers. Some new people also. In all it was a very nice day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we will be in the Irish Setter Club's Specialty and all-breed Obedience Trial.
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I practiced at City Park with Ronin for his obedience trials this week. He has trials Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! All at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley. He is really steady in practice. I hope he doesn't get too interested in the other dogs when we are in the ring. Real Distraction is much more interesting than Fake Distraction.

Я практиковал в городском парке с Ronin (за послушание испытания на этой неделе). Он испытаний четверг, пятницу, субботу и воскресенье! Все на острове гроув региональный парк в Greeley. Он очень устойчивый на практике. Я надеюсь, что он не слишком заинтересованы в других собак, когда мы находимся в кольце. Real дистракционного гораздо интереснее, чем Факе дистракции.
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In the Mail Today:

The American Kennel Club
is pleased to invite
CH Ebony Hills Evening Echo UD RA
To participate in the fifteenth
AKC National Obedience Invitational

Hurray! We're going to Long Beach to compete in the Nationals! Big trip to California in December! What a doggie! Yay, Ronin!

В настоящее время Почта:

Американский Питомник клуб
рада предложить
CH Черное дерево Хиллз Вечерняя Эхо UD РА
Для участия в пятнадцатом
АКС Национальный Послушание пригласительный конкурс

Ура! Мы собираемся Лонг Бич конкурировать в Национальном Послушание конкурс! Большое путешествие в Калифорнию в декабре! Какой песик! Yay, Ronin!
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Beanie continues to improve. She is still weak on that leg, but she acts normal. She went next door to visit a cat friend (both are 11 years old), wagging her tail and grinning. Obviously, it is time to reduce the dosage of the tramadol. We don't want her to have withdrawal symptoms.

Ronin has been working to prepare for upcoming dog shows and obedience trials. There are four trials soon in Greeley, two in Cheyenne, and two in Longmont. Practice has been good (I continue to learn and hope to retain everything ;^).

Beanie (Бини) продолжает улучшаться. Она по-прежнему слабы, что на ногу, но она действует нормально. Она пошла рядом с визитом кошка другу (оба 11 лет), ей махать хвостом и улыбаясь. Очевидно, что пришло время уменьшить дозировку на трамадол. Мы не хотим, чтобы она могла иметь снятие симптомов.

Ronin (Ронин) ведет работу по подготовке к предстоящей выставке и послушания испытаний. Существуют четыре испытания в ближайшее время в Greeley (Грили), два в Cheyenne (Чаиен), и два в Longmont (Лонгмонт). Практика была хорошая (я продолжаю учиться и надеемся на то, чтобы сохранить все ;^).
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Beanie, my female 11-yr old Cocker Spaniel, had her stitches out today. The vet says things look good, she is getting along better than expected. She moves well and has good Range-Of-Motion in the stifle. Something still pops whenever she takes a step--they think in may be the mono-filament line and I think it is in the hip. But the hip is in good position and does not come out of socket. She's better, anyway.

Beanie (Бини) моя 11-летний старый кокер спаниель, были ей швы сегодня. В ветеринар говорит вещи выглядели хорошо, она становится все вместе лучше, чем ожидалось. Она движется так и хорошие Диапазон движения в задушить. Нечто делает шум, когда она принимает шаг - они думают, может быть моно-нить линии, и я думаю, что это в бедро. Но бедра находится в хорошем состоянии. Она лучше, в любом случае.


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