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Today my Cocker Spaniel dog, Ronin (CH Ebony Hills Evening Echo RA UDX), got a score of 196 (out of 200) in Utility B and 193 in Open B at the Flatiron Kennel Club Obedience Trial in Longmont, Colorado. He thus obtained his 10th UDX Leg to win his UDX Title (Utility Dog eXcellent). Five and a half years hard work by this super Cocker Spaniel has paid off.

Just last week we got word that Ronin is tied for 2nd Place for Cocker Spaniels in AKC Obedience in the United States. 

Yay, Ronin!  You go, boy!
Ronin practicing jumping in the park

More tunes for celebration

Date: 2012-06-04 02:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Tonight we’re going hard Just like the world is ours We’re tearin’ it apart You know we’re superstars We are who we are! We’re dancing like we’re dumb Our bodies go numb We’ll be forever young You know we’re superstars We are who we are! DJ turn it up It’s about damn time to live it up I’m so sick of being so serious It’s making my brain delirious! I’m just talkin’ truth (We R Who We R - Ke$ha)

Date: 2012-06-05 10:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yay, congrats!!! it's been eons though, is everythign else ok? as in, i saw this post and went 'bzuh, where adn when did i friend this person? oh yeah...') And what's in that current music field? it cmae out as somethign illegible to me...

Date: 2012-06-06 05:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes, it has been too long since I posted. Something I hope to change in the future. The music is Russian, it is in the Cyrillic alphabet and I don't know what that might come across as for you. It is named "Sweet Dream" by Leningrad for Children. Actually from a pop group called Leningrad. You can hear this song on You Tube and here is the link to it:


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